Art Reproduction

Making an impact with your art without actually shipping the real thing means photographs. A fantastic image doesn’t just happen though and I can help! With me state of the art equipment including the best lenses and lighting makes all the difference.

 What makes great Art Photography?

  • First of all – use a tripod. You will not be able to hold the camera steady enough to eliminate blur.
  • No matter the resolution (MP) of your camera, the quality of the lens is all important for capturing detail.
  • Having full, manual control of your camera allows you to change the depth of field. This is not always possible, and is always limited, with a compact camera.
  • Proper lighting – in most rooms, different coloured surface will introduce “colour casts to your pictures.
  • The flash on your compact camera is not proper lighting. Generally, these make for awful pictures. You need lighting off  the camera.
  • Post-processing (e.g. Photoshop) is all important to create the impact and presentation you require