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As part of my Wedding Photography service, I’d like to offer you a no obligation, pre-wedding / engagement shoot. I’ll say that again – I offer this chance before you book your wedding photographer. Alternatively, if you have already booked me, I still offer this extra opportunity as part of the deal.

It will give us time to chat, get to know each other and discuss your ideas for your big day. It should make you feel a bit more comfortable in front of the lens. Hopefully, it will also confirm your confidence as me as a photographer and give me a chance to discuss with you what I need from you to be able to make some fantastic photographs. Basically this boils down to a bit of your time on the day and just being yourselves, which is sometimes easier than it sounds when you are on display!

Having a chance for an (non) dress rehearsal can make all the difference when it comes to the day – many couples realise that the more structured photograph time is actually one of the most relaxing, intimate times of your wedding.

If you go on to book me for your wedding, I’ll supply all the photographs of the shoot in digital format at no extra cost. If not, no hard feelings but I’m sure you will find it is time well spent.


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These are just a few examples of my pre-wedding shoots: