Photographs from MTB events around Nelson. I’ll get round to migrating older, archive photos / events to this page very soon!

This year, with the support of NMTBC, I’m asking for donations to Riding for the Disabled (RDA) in return for digital copies of photographs. ALL the money will go to them and you can donate direct at Please help them get more people doing what we all love – just being out there, whatever your chosen form of transport.

I can also supply fantastic, archival quality prints up to A3 size. Again, all proceeds (minus a small deduction for the paper and postage – if required) will go to the RDA.

In the last couple of years, I’ve donated over $2000 to St.John’s from photographing cycling events. Its not a huge amount, but its made a difference to someone. Please help NMTBC and I make a difference for more people this year.

Cheers. Dx