Licence Terms

In the world of photography, it is common for the product to be licenced for a certain purpose to a certain person for a fixed period of time. That is my approach here – but my version works for the vendor.

The copywrite of the images remains with me at all times.

ThE important bits!

How can I use the photos?


Sell your house

You are licenced by me to use the images and / or video until your property is sold. You can use them in print and digital advertising as you see fit. If your nominated real estate agent paid for the service, they are also licenced to use the images and / or video in this way.

Once the property is sold, the licence expires.

Real estate agents

You may also pass them to your nominated real estate agent for them to facilitate the sale of your property. Should you wish to pass them to subsequent agents, and you require copies, a small administration fee may apply if the images and / or video have been archived. This is generally after 2 weeks. Contrary to what many people think, secure digital storage is not free!

The previously employed agent may, of course, provide you with copies or pass them on to the newly appointed agent. All agencies keep copies of the photos (at least for their own purposes) so a refusal to provide these may tell you a great deal!

Once the property is sold, the licence expires.

Rent your property

 You are licenced by me to use the images and / or video to advertise your property in perpetuity. You can use them in print and digital advertising as you see fit.

If you sell the property, the licence expires. And again, if you require copies from me, an admin fee may apply.

If you have purchased a property and then wish to use to use the photographs that were used in the marketing of the sale to advertise your rental, you will need to negotiate a new licence agreement with the photographer. The consent of the vendor, in writing, will also be required. The agent involved (if any) has no authority to grant permission for the use of the photographs.

Commercial business, builders, etc

The standard real estate fee does not apply to this type of licence. Photography and videography will be undertaken at an hourly rate but a licence will still be granted in perpetuity to the single end user. Please get in touch to discuss the terms in a bit more detail.

What Can’t I do?


Pass on, give or sell the images

This includes susequent owners, businesses (your’s or anyone elses’s) or publications, print or digital, for any other purpose other than the sale of your property. If you wish to do any of these things, please get in touch and we can talk about it.

Real estate agents

Your nominated real estate agent(s) do not have the automatic right to use the images and / or video to promote their own business interests, even if they paid for them. For example, they will invariably wish to promote the success of their sale process. They need both your and my permission to do that. My licence terms override all and any agreements you have entered in to independently with the agent. Again, I retain copyright of the images at all times.

In my experience, most agents will politely ask to use the images and a (small) few just take them. Whilst you are still protected by my copyright status, it may be arduos / impossible proces to remove all the images from publication. Please ask any prospective agent about this before you enter into a contract with them. It may be a good indicator of who the agent is actually working for.