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Nelson Wedding Photographer

Being a  great wedding photographer comes through passion, hard work and technical ability. My eye for an image and the ability to catch that fleeting moment will ensure your wedding day memories are captured to view again and again. But the way those photographs are made and a willingness to learn and adapt to your wishes is what matters to me most. This way, the photographs are yours and yours alone, not slave to the photographer’s pre-conceptions and way of working.

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Your Vision

First of all – it’s your day, one of the most special of your life.






As a wedding photographer, I want to work with you and your ideas first and foremost, to produce the best wedding photography available. With all the preparation thats gone into the day, you don’t want someone telling you what to do. Sure, I’ll make suggestions based on what I see around me that I think will best portray the bride and groom and their guests, but I won’t get in the way or try to orchestrate. I’ll ask to meet the couple well before the date, preferably at the venue(s). That way I can get a good idea of the flow of the day and begin to discuss the potential and limits of the photography.

I’ll suggest a few options and ideas for you to consider. Most of all it will allow me to prepare around your wishes. I will photograph the key points of the day in a very spontaneous manner, working around you. If it means I’m running around all day, fine – it’s all good fun and I love every moment of it. When a couple hires me, they have me for the full day. By this I mean, from the break of day until well after the guests have danced themselves out! It’s up to you how long I’m there. You’ll find that everyone quickly relaxes and forgets I’m holding a camera.

I’m sure you’ll have many questions regarding your wedding photography – I’ll try to answer some of the most common ones here – but please don’t hesitate to get in touch if there is anything I haven’t covered.

My Vision

My style is could be described as photojournalism, but I’m far from a purist. I like to mix elements of modern and traditional wedding photography, creating a story of the day around the most important moments.

Sometimes I’ll be out in front of everyone, gently guiding to make the more “formal”, posed pictures seem natural and fun. At other times I’ll step into the shadows to capture the details, emotions and other elements of the day that you’ll be too busy to appreciate at the time. It’s your day and I believe the photography should be a pleasurable part of the proceedings for everyone – sometimes the “unobserved” photojournalist style can be, frankly, annoying!

A good photographer knows when to lower the camera and allow your memory capture the moment. I think the way the photographs are captured are every bit as important as the results. Please read my guarantee – I’ll always do my best to exceed your expectations. I hope you agree.

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Why Chose Me?

With loads of options, make sure you employ a photographer, not a “camera owner”!

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What is Included?

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My Guarantee

Its an investment for both of us and I’m committed to delivering the best…….

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