Up in the air

I can provide a couple of solutions to elevated real estate photography to suit the individual property.

Two SOLutions:


  This is what most people think about now when elevated photography is mentioned. It can produce spectacular results and is really the only solution for larger areas of land, lifestyle properties and so on. However, there are now many legal restrictions on the use of drones that can make their use a little difficult without a fair amount to pre-planning. It is illegal, for example, to overfly anyone’s property without their express and specific permission. Additionally, any property that may be seen / captured by a flying camera should also be contacted. Weather conditions also affect the use of drones. Whilst they have got more reliable and safer, they still do come down!   The bottom line is, I will only fly where and when it is both safe and legal to do so!



The other method I use (uniquley in the area, I believe) a portable mast. Its essentially a very tall tripod that can be set up pretty much anywhere with a bit of flat ground. It gets the camera up around 8m which is high enough to simulate aerial photography for most properties. Most people think that the photos have been taken with a drone!

Even better, because it a “proper” camera, the quality remains very high and consistent.

The only thing that is better than that is that this service is included in the standard price. Once again though, I can only deploy the mast where it is safe for me, your property and my cameras.

My aim is to get the best images in the most practical, cost effective, legal way.