NMTBC_Broken Axe

Thanks for putting up with me today in difficult conditions for everyone! I had a bit of a faff getting it right, but I think the photos in the trees (page 2 onwards) are pretty good at least, once I’d got the flash sorted out – its hard to see the settings through a plastic bag!

Please feel free to use / share the images on the site – the files are fairly big so bear with the time it takes to load them. I’d really appreciate a FB like, share with your mates, etc, in return. If you would like to purchase a full size, unwatermarked file, the deal is that you agree to make a donation to St.John’s. I also have many more files in the sequences so I’ll do my best to find them but, to be honest, its going to be a bit of a mission identifying people under all the crap!

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